2005 Inauguration

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 2005 Bush/Cheney Inauguration and Ball.

God Bless President Bush and Vice President Cheney and their families.

At the Democracy Ball

In the next month or so, I will be adding comments for some of the pictures.

Unexpected find!!!

Where's Fred?

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Pre-Inaugural Activities
I had the privilege of attending the California High Tech Inaugural Celebration with Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist at the Willard Hotel. It also snowed about 2 inches or so.

Pre- and Post-Parade Security was real tight and there were a LOT of Conservatives along with a sprinkling of protesters.

The Inaugural Parade I have always loved parades along with the marching bands and floats. I have to thank the gentleman with the earpiece for offering me a ticket to the bleachers for the parade. You have my name and I welcome you to some Blues and Jazz if you get out to the Sunnyvale, CA area.

The Democracy Inaugural Ball

Democracy Ball Program

I am grateful for a close friend who obtained a ticket for me to this great event. God bless you G. and family! Pictures do not do this ball justice, but I have included a few.

Washington D.C. - The Day After I managed to spend a few hours going around the city and took a few pictures.

Trip Home - Across the Fruited Plain A lot of our country is just beautiful from above. I took a few pictures through the window of the plane on the return trip. We just beat out the snow storm that cancelled many flights right after we left the ground.


This business card size sticker was seen all around Dupont Circle at the "peaceful" demonstration. Fortunately, no one acted out the suggestion. You have to wonder about the mentality of the people who would print something like this.

Affectionately referred to as the "Creeps in the Streets" by some conservatives, protesters did have several demonstrations and had no problem exercising their First Amendment rights. I am also exercising my First Amendment rights by disagreeing with them and posting some of them here.

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